Imperialistische Volkspartei Edit

The Imperialistische Volkspartei (Or Imperialist People's Party) is the ruling party of Grosseuropa, and Grosswurttemberg. The Party believes in Seris-Imperialism, an ideal based off the Holy Roman Empire (c. 850 - 1805). Seris-Imperialism is gone over more on it's own page, but in summery its believes are: There should be an Emperor, Nobility, a Dyanasty, and Electoral States with power. This stops all corruption, and leaves civilians to have their own voice and rights, to their local leaders. The current Party Chairman is Leonhard Kampf (CommanderBoomstick), who will have his own page. The Party has a very specific organization, which is on the lines of what they call the  'Cell System'.


Cell SystemEdit

The Cell System is basic, and follows this:

Cell - 5 People [Lead by Zellenleiter]

Block - 2 Cells [Lead by Blockleiter]

Local Group - 2 Blocks [Lead by Ortsgruppenleiter]

County Group - 2 Local Groups [Lead by Kreisleiter]

District Group - 2 County Groups [Lead by Gauleiter]

Specialized RolesEdit

Specialized Roles of the Party Include:

Inspector - Organizes and keeps a Basis based off the instructions of a National Leader. Prepares and Holds Rallys and Events w/ Gauleiters

General der Volksgrenadierkorps [or General der VG for Short] - Leads the Party Militia, known as the Volksgrenadiers. Normally a Gauleiter

National Inspector - Keeps a National basis for the Party, making a standard for it. The National Inspector is allowed to Rally with other branches of the Nation of Grosswurttemberg, with permission.

Deputy Chairman - Assistant to the Chairman, takes power if the Chairman steps down, is killed, or is busy. Holds a good part of Power in Party

Specialized BranchesEdit

Specialized Branches of the Party Include:

The Volksgrenadiers - Party Militia, Seperate from the Military. They protect the Party Officials, and fight with the Military if need be.

The Serisjugend - Seris Youth, Youth School for training and mentoring boys and girls 7-12 about the Party, as well as preparing them for it

The Motorisiertekorps - Motorized Corps, responsible for Transport of the Party, specifically Officials.

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