Imperial State of Greater WurttembergEdit

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Grosswurttemberg [or Formally, Imperial State of Greater Wurttemberg], is the current Emperor of Grosseuropa, and is the largest District of Grosseuropa. Founded in 1927 during what is now called The Holy Revolt, they are also the founders of Grosseuropa. Grosswurttemberg is an Imperialist Monarchy, with a voted Government. Grosswurttemberg controls the Wurttemberg District, as well as the Prussian District, and the Paris District, all of which have been unified into the Greater Wurttemberg District [Grossere Wurttemberg District].

Founding [1921-1925]Edit

In the year 1921, Jager von Seris, father of Lyev von Seris, was sick of what the Entente had done to Austria and Germany at the end of the first World War. In objection, the former Austrian War Hero, responsible for saving 63 German Soldiers and 29 French Prisoners from a collapsing bunker by clearing an exit with a few morter shells. At the time, Emperor Lyev von Seris was 23, Jager had set out to form the Seris-Imperialist Party, a front to bring back Monarchy and Empires from the late 19th century. His son made most of the planning, ideals, and other major aspects, while Jager himself was at the front of it. By 1924, the SIP [Seris Imperialist Party] had ammassed 7,200 members, but it was all destroyed when the provincial government setup by the Entente attacked a rally in Stuttgart. Known as the Stuttgart Tragedy, about 1,700 people were killed, and another 3,500 imprisoned on false facts. Those who remained rioted or ran, but amoungst those casualties, Jager had been shot by one of the corrupt government Officers that attacked the unarmed crowd. Following this, Lyev was falsly imprisoned until a jailbreak the next year. He then started a successful rebellion, gaining all of southern Germany independance, eventually having Austria join them. He proclaimed this Greater Wurttemberg, after his home in the area.

Expansion 1926-1933Edit

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