Grosseuropa (Greater Europe) is an alliance of all the countries of Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and as far as to the Urals in Russia. The Grosseuropa Alliance is one of the Major Factions, and also consists of allies from accross the globe. Europe is split into Districts by Grosseuropa, and some territories are yet to be fully taken, such as Iran and Soviet Holdouts in Siberia. Once these have been finished off, Grosseuropa will be all of Eurasia, if Japan agrees to join it.

Functions of GrosseuropaEdit

Grosseuropa is not just a Military and Trade Alliance, it is an Empire in its own right. All of the member states will be part of the European Parliament. Within Parliament, there are four Princes known as Prince Electorates, who vote for the Next Emperor. The Emperor is chosen every 3 Months. Normally, the Emperor remains the same, but in drastic cases, they change. The Current Emperor is His Imperial Majesty, King of Germany and Emperor of Europe, Lyev von Seris I. The Emperor himself becomes an Elector, if it is another Elector who becomes the New Emperor. This system stops corruption.

Noteable MembersEdit

Noteable Members of the Grosseuropa Pact include:

Empire of Grosswurttemberg

Great Kingdom of Iraq

Duchy of Imperialist Spain

Powers of the EmperorEdit

The Emperor holds the Following Powers:

-Remove Electorate

-Make new Electorate [Max 7]

-Remove from Grosseuropa [Needs Electoral or Parliamental Vote]

-Add to Grosseuropa [Parliamental Vote]

-Crusade or Grand War

-Change District Map [Electoral or Parliamental Vote]

-Assign Nobility, or Royalty

-Lead Nations in time of Civil War or Unrest

-Ennact Reforms

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